Art Exhibition

Our current exhibit features the work of Olivia Brown.

A note from Shelley Eades, Bernal Yoga Studio Manager:
Olivia is a beloved student here at the studio. She presented the paintings that we currently have on display the year we moved to our new location at 908 Cortland. It was a wonderful surprise to us, as we had no idea she was working on them. We are so grateful to be able to feature her beautiful work!


Olivia has a BA in Fine Art Painting from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, and an MFA in Painting from California College of the Arts. She is currently represented by Hang Art in San Francisco.

Of her Seismic collection, which are similar to the pieces at Bernal, she says “These paintings are a visual exploration of physical fracturing, tearing apart, using the idea of seismic shifting as separation. Whether physically in the body or as landmass, what I have come to understand through the making of these paintings is the ideas of fracture and fission are something of an impenetrable impossibility, whatever division is created by such force is also the creation of new kinds of space. The breaking itself, fracturing, fissure etc is actually necessary to the transformative process, both physically and with wider implications. it is impossible to recombine or create without the destruction of what was. In these paintings, the ‘breaking’ demonstrates positive and negative space as interchangeable, each essential to maintain the tension of the whole, pulling apart and simultaneously interlocking.”