Bernal Yoga Music Salon

04 April 2011 | By savonn | 3 Comments

Bernal Yoga Music Salon

From Ann Lam, Bernal Yoga’s Assistant Studio Manager:

April marks my ninth month as a resident of San Francisco, and already this city feels like home. In July of 2010 my sister and I drove across the country, from New York City to San Francisco. I had left my corporate job in Manhattan in order to focus all my energies on yoga and music, and I felt that the best place to do this would be San Francisco. I didn’t have a concrete plan of action, but through a stroke of fate or perhaps just plain dumb luck, a friend pointed me in the direction of Bernal Yoga. I must admit that the direction from my apartment in the Mission was more uphill than I would have liked, but after stepping foot into the studio, I knew I had stumbled upon a special place. When Shelley decided to take me on as her sidekick in managing Bernal Yoga, I knew I had been given a lucky break, but I didn’t realize then how fortunate I really was.

It was impossible for me to have known how many warmhearted, talented, and creative people I would meet … as they came through the front door of the studio with yoga bags slung over shoulders, wearing smiles that led to personal story sharing over cups of tea across the street at Progressive Grounds. And so the idea of the Bernal Salon was born: an evening of creative expression and sharing among the amazing artists and residents of Bernal Hill. What actually transpired on the evening of our first salon on Saturday, March 26th, exceeded all expectations. A full house showed up to hear Erin O’Briant, local author and Bernal yogi, discuss her journey into the self publishing world and read from her book, Glitter Girl; as well as witness the joyful exuberance of the Sugar Shakers (featuring Bernal yogis Alanna Taylor-Tobin and Jay Doane), ukelele-kazoo virtuosos with a penchant for rousing audience members into song. I was also fortunate to play a short piece on my violin, but mainly I was thankful for the chance to express my gratitude at being a part of this wonderful and generous community of yoga practitioners, who I now consider my Bernal Yoga family. (That evening we raised a substantial amount of money, which was donated to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund.)

At the end of every yoga class, I try to dedicate a moment to honor the people who I have had the privilege of sharing my practice with. We come to class and we leave class sometimes without saying more than a few words, if any, to our practice neighbor, but there is an unspoken kinship at 461 Cortland Avenue … the kinship of yoga and Bernal Hill. The Bernal Salon provides a chance to tap into that kinship and learn more about the talents and passions of our neighbors and friends in the Bernal community. Chances are you’ll find out you have much in common, much to discuss, much to share. I know I have. Like I said, I have truly found my home on this special hill of San Francisco.

The next Bernal Salon will take place on Saturday, April 23rd. Back by popular demand, the Sugar Shakers perform all-original works, and our very own Megan Windeler discusses her love of music and her blog entitled Words. I hope to see you there.

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  1. Thank you for your kind and eloquent words, Ann! As a Sugar Shaker and Bernal Yogi of 5+ years, I was honored for our first performance to take place at BY, which has been a safe haven for me since I wandered in all those years ago. We had an amazing time, and are thankful to all who attended, donated generously, and made it a truly memorable night.

    And it needs to be pointed out that Ann completely stole the show with her ecstatic performance of Bach’s partita. Yowza! I can’t wait to hear what she pulls out next. : )

    Hope to see y’all there on the 23rd!


  2. Sounds like a fabulous night, with many more to come! Congrats Ann and fellow yogis, your spirit has reached across the country to NY! I would love to attend when visiting SF, until then I send to you my blessings and I don’t need to tell your yoga studio what a fortunate situation you have all found yourselves in, with the addition of wonderful Ann in your sangha. Love, Christine


  3. Yes Christine, Ann is truly a joy to work with and we at Bernal Yoga feel so blessed that she’s on our staff!


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