with Sammy Mac, No Mirror Movement, with Lia Woertendyk
Saturday, June 8, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Sliding scale $40 - $10

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Join No Mirror Movement for an evening of restoring self worth, connecting authentically with others and participating in our collective liberation.

This disco-loving movement collective will share their approach to embodied movement and authentic expression with the tools of nervous system regulation, challenging societal beauty myths, and the dance style and now world phenomenon: Whacking - a style created by gay black men in the underground clubs of LA in the 70s.

Come get free and connected with this fun group of Unicorns. All bodies, backgrounds and abilities welcome.

Instructor — Sammy Mac

Sammy believes every person has the right and capacity to feel good in their body. She also believes acceptance of self leads to acceptance of others, and this inner-work is best done in community with the support, witnessing and solidarity of others. These values have become the backbone of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization No Mirror Movement (NMM), which Sammy founded over three years ago after starting her own healing from a decade-long eating disorder and realizing she wasn’t the only one in her dance community speaking negatively about her body and worth, using dieting and over-exercise as coping mechanisms, and using every ounce of energy to achieve an unachievable beauty, health and dance standard set forth by unchecked societal norms.

Shortly after founding NMM, she started a three year master’s program in Somatic Psychology at CIIS. Now at the end of her studies and beginning her career as a MFT Somatic Psychotherapist, Sammy has integrated her learning. She plans to continue to expand the offerings of No Mirror Movement.

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