I guess the cold is hitting me…

09 November 2010 | By Tania Ketenjian | 2 Comments

Ok, so today, I am not feeling too healthy. All of a sudden, sitting here, my throat has a small scratch, my body is feeling a bit weak and part of me just feels like curling up. But the plan is to go to yoga, and I am determined because a part of me knows that it will make me feel better. In fact, sometimes I find it to be a cure all. I feel upset about something, go to yoga. My shoulder hurts, go to yoga. I need to breathe better, go to yoga. I feel like being in a welcoming community, go to Bernal Yoga. In Stephanie Bernstein’s class on Monday nights, she often suggests a couple of things. The first is to smile. Now I am not sure if I have written about this before but smiling makes a big difference. When we smile, the muscles in our face trigger certain synapses in our brain that make us happy. So smiling is great.

The other thing Stephanie often mentions which I find helpful in regards to my desire to go to class today is she often says “thank yourself for coming to class today.” And I think that is very supportive because sometimes it can be very hard to muster up the strength to be committed. So if you went to class, in the rain, under the weather, give yourself a “thank you”, a big one. You deserve it.

2 Comments on “I guess the cold is hitting me…”

  1. I know what Tania is talking about. The last three days I’ve attended some tough flow classes. Today my body was saying you can’t do another flow class because you’re tired and you don’t want to be stiff when you golf tomorrow. I attended Megan’s Hatha class and it hit the spot. It wasn’t too hard and it was very comforting to my body.

    Bernal Yoga seems to always welcome me. I get to see people I know and that adds to the comforting feeling. When my butt finally hits the mat I can feel the teacher’s comforting words welcoming my mind, body and breathing into yoga. And everything seems so right. But that’s been my Bernal Yoga experience (Tania, how’d you like the alliteration in that sentence?). Later.


  2. KT always says “the yoga meets you where you are” and with your enthusiasm for practice and warmth towards the studio, I think it meets you right back at that place. And I think KT’s statement is an important one because it reminds us to be ok with just where we are, whether we may be full of energy for a series of Vinyasas or in need of a more restorative class. It’s totally ok because it is right where we are. And to be real with that and trust that, will allow us to grow. Thanks Jeff for all your comments, always.


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