Intro to Yoga (for Beginners): 4 Week Series September 9th-30th

Cost: $40 if payment is received in advance ($55 day of the first class)
We do accept credit cards and personal checks.

Please register in advance by contacting the studio: 415.643.9007, [email protected]
Intro to Yoga: 4 Week Series
Tuesdays, 5:45-7:15pm, (Sept. 9th-30th)
Instructor: Leila Easa

About the Intro to Yoga Series:

A perfect set of classes for those brand new to yoga. During the 4- week series, the core basics of poses, alignment, breathing, relaxation and meditation will be introduced.

During the series emphasis will be on:
  • Introducing common standing poses
  • Working through Sun Salutations with variations
  • Making seated poses more accessible(a variety of forward bends and twists)
  • Understanding the importance of breath and movement
  • Using yoga as a way to reduce stress