with Erika van Gemeren
Saturday, July 20, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Sign up early and save: $20 before July 10th, $30 thereafter

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In Sanskrit, Kirtan means “song” and this type of sound healing has been practiced in communities in India for centuries. Unlike traditional yogic mantras, kirtan is a repetition of divine names and involves repeating primal sounds which are very uplifting. The use of vocal chords make the practitioner more present and helps to build up strong positive energies. This “singing meditation” is also accompanied by harmonica and guitar music and helps to inspire and harmonize the community since the vowels are sung in unison.

Kirtan sits under the branch of “Bhakti Yoga”, the yogic path which is used to obtain higher states of consciousness through uplifting emotions, or in other words, yoga for the heart.

Instructor — Erika van Gemeren

Erika is a Bhakti yoga teacher in the Bay Area and also a healer with the Modern Mystery School. Learn more about here at www.yogawitherika.com.

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