with Sarah Walsh
Sunday, June 16, 1:15 - 3:15 pm

Cost: $45

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This workshop is designed to help mothers and partners prepare for the big day. Utilizing breath, movement and mindfulness you will learn valuable techniques to empower you both. Mothers will be comforted in gaining powerful insight on what to expect. Partners will leave feeling confident in their ability to offer support. As a Doula, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Mother, Sarah uses her experience to offer guidance on this sacred journey.

Instructor — Sarah Walsh

Sarah is a Doula and an experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher. She has also been published in Mindbodygreen for her insight on the Chakra System and for her expertise on Prenatal Yoga. Sarah can be found teaching a variety of classes, including pre-natal, post-natal, restorative and core-based classes in addition to her Vinyasa/Ashtanga offerings throughout San Francisco.

A class with Sarah is a combination of both physical and spiritual experience. Sarah will guide you on a unique journey, while leading you on your own exciting and enlightening path. You can find out more about Sarah on her website: www.sarahwalshyoga.com.

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