Longing for Bernal

19 November 2010 | By Tania Ketenjian | 2 Comments

It’s rare that this happens to me but sadly, I have come down with a cold. It’s that one lots of people seem to have: difficult to swallow, foggy head, achey throat, cough. And while, of course, I have been longing to get better, the one thing that I am so looking forward to is getting back to the mat, getting back to the studio and hearing the wonderful voices of Bernal teachers guiding me through asanas.

Here’s what I miss: rushing in to class and finding my regular spot in the studio (we’re such creatures of habit), the smiling faces of all the people that work at the desk, the variety of people in the room, the familiar faces, the new faces, being in downward facing dog for goodness knows how long, feeling like I can’t do it anymore, doing it more, Shavasana, the way the windows steam up when it’s cold outside, the way my body and mind feels after class, the calm.

So I decided, I can’t take it anymore, tomorrow I am going in, and soaking up that Bernal Yoga feeling. I can’t wait…

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  1. I can’t resist the opportunity to write a response. Tania is a fantastic writer and she always writes with the same voice. And she has so much to say. I went to Ann’s class tonight. It was fantastic; I felt like Goldilocks because it wasn’t too hard and it wasn’t to soft, it was just right (fortunately no bears). Ann and I talked afterwards and I was telling her that I have a hard time maintaining the sedate attitude expected of most yogis because I am so excited to be on the mat practicing all the asanas. Throw in a couple of inverts and I am ecstatic, excited, and happy as hell. Going to practice is flat-out fun, and I can’t do many of the asanas, and those I can do I’m not great at. Man, if I was as good as some of the people I’ve seen in class I’d be so excited I’d be floating six inches off the ground. I agree with Tania, Bernal Yoga is a great place to be. Tania, I hope your cold goes away soon. Be healthy. Later.


  2. Tania, I hope you feel better soon!


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