Bernal Yoga Presents ...
Arm Balances with Joey Huynh
WHEN:Sunday, March 30th, 2:00 - 4:30pm
WHERE:Bernal Yoga Studio
461 Cortland Ave. at Andover St.
San Francisco
415.643.9007, [email protected]
FEE:$25/$35 Pre-registered/drop in
In this fun and challenging workshop, we will look at how to make arm balances safe, more accessible, and even satisfying. While upper body strength helps, we will find that proper preparation, including core stability, flexibility, balance, understanding and a good sense of humor are even more important. Arm balances build confidence, help improve concentraton and they help deepen understanding of how the body works. Students should be comfortable with chaturanga dandasana and have healthy wrists and arms.

Joey has been studying healing and martial arts since 1989. He was persuaded to teach Yoga by his students in 1996 and is certified by the White Lotus Foundation. True to their nondogmatic approach, Joey is receptive to all traditions of Hatha Yoga. Most recently he has been enjoying the subtle cultivation of awareness in asana and breath through the Iyengar method at the Yoga Room. With the spirit and enthusiasm of a beginner, Joey learns more about Yoga every day.