Take a deep breath!

Visibly anxious, apprehensive, worried, sleepless, shocked? When in these states the breath is often short and gaspy, and taking a slow deep breath can bring us back from a sometimes scary place the mind has taken us. But how about when our needs are more subtle, when our emotions are hidden from notice? This is the exact time that a yoga practice-incorporating a few mindful deep breaths-would do us a world of good and bring us back into balance. The importance of the breath in our practice is key. There is no yoga without the breath. There is no life without the breath! The breath is the only involuntary process of our physical being that we can control-and therefore the key to linking your mind to your body. As babies we breathed full complete breaths; it just came naturally. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to find our way back there again, by learning how we strayed away and re-learning how to breathe naturally?

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