Amanda Harper

Amanda Harper developed her passion for holistic healing when she moved to California after many years living in the stressful fast-paced cities of Asia. Having benefited tremendously from her own personal practice whilst recovering from a number of sports-related injuries she was inspired to share her belief in yoga with others and completed a teacher-training program in New York, studying ISHTA yoga with Alan Finger. A valuable part of her routine, yoga helps her regain her center, ground herself emotionally and perform better in her regular physical activities, such as swimming, biking and surfing.

Amanda feels that the role of a yoga teacher is to provide expert guidance to a practitioner; helping them to fully utilize whatever unique qualities they possess to develop their own personal practice to suit their individual needs. As a teacher she aims to cultivate a non-judgmental, safe environment, and to promote a student’s mental and physical well being, reduce suffering and share the love and benefits of her yoga practice with her students.

Amanda is qualified to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga and has two children. As a Nutrition Educator she is passionate about the power of not only yoga but also nutrition in supporting holistic healing and specifically women’s health. Through her work she hopes to help others find peace of mind and a fulfilling journey towards optimal wellness. More information about Amanda and her work can be found at