Anna Parker

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An experienced SmartFlow teacher, Anna is a dedicated student of Annie Carpenter and a product of the vibrant Los Angeles yoga community. She has assisted multiple teacher trainings and followed scenic yogic byroads to teaching opportunities on both coasts and Australia. Viewed as narrative, Anna’s classes offer an explorative journey of physical, mental, and spiritual geography. Each vignette combines Southern sweetness and LA fire, quirky playfulness and boundless compassion. Anna teaches with anatomical precision and a keen eye, prioritizing stability and longevity. In the firm belief that sequences have consequences, she meticulously crafts each class to create multiple layers of experience in a specific direction. Anna trusts in the intelligence of both language and touch to hone awareness and discernment. Though she focuses on physical nuances to facilitate steady attention and absolute presence, Anna views the practice through the shape-shifting, surrealist lens of M.C. Escher, where one element morphs seamlessly into another, the physical informing the spiritual and the spiritual feeding back again into the physical.