Britt Fohrman

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Britt’s greatest joy is found in sharing her love of yoga with a wide variety of people. She encourages her students to approach yoga as a way of life, to practice with lovingkindness and sincerity.

Her unique style of teaching places a strong emphasis on alignment, sequencing, breath and inner awareness, while her approach is imbued with warmth, humor and honesty. Since 1993, Britt has studied primarily Iyengar Yoga, though she weaves influences of other traditions, especially Viniyoga and Vipassana (Buddhist Insight) Meditation, into her teaching. One of her specialties is working with pregnant women and new mothers, where she also employs her skills as a photographer, birth doula, and bodyworker. Along with being an avid surfer, Britt loves to do headstands on mountaintops and beaches all around the world.

After witnessing tremendous healing within herself through Restorative Yoga, Britt was inspired to become certified to teach Restorative Yoga by Judith Lasater. Though she now enjoys an active practice as well, Restorative Yoga continues to be the foundation of her well being. Go to to find out more about Britt and her practice.