Greg Wieting

Greg WietingGreg Wieting teaches Prana Vinyasa Flow offering intelligently designed, challenging yet fluid sequences. Each open level class provides energetic alignment within the framework of a breath driven, creative flow.

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Greg arrived at his Yoga practice in 2004, after years of Reiki and Meditation practice, as part of his own journey healing from scoliosis, chronic pain and depression. He views Yoga as a practice of compassionate self study, awareness and growth. How we practice Yoga informs how we live our lives. With practice we develop more skill to fully engage our potential and live in our purpose.

Greg studied Veda Yoga with Mas Vidal and continues to study Prana Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea. He currently assists Shiva Rea and is a mentor in the Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher training community. Greg also teaches Reiki and Meditation and practices a natural healthcare system called BodyTalk. He is the Founder of The Resilience Project - a Reiki Certification & Lifestyle Enhancement Program integrating Meditation & Yoga.

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