Grey Wedeking

Grey: “I first took yoga classes in Berlin in 1994 in exchange for English conversation. I can only imagine that I did it because I thought stretching would be good for me. Seven years later, burnt out from 6 intense years of road bicycle racing, I turned to yoga hoping to find something I could practice for the rest of my life. So far, so good. I’ve practiced with a number of those teachers you’ve seen pictures of or read about in Yoga Journal, but the principal informant to my teaching style and practice is Jamie Lindsay, from whom I’ve taken countless hours of class, and whom I assisted in public classes and at teacher trainings. The practice will be more or less familiar to anyone practicing Krishnamacharya lineage, Astanga vinyasa derived asana, with a helping of Universal Vinyasa, and a side salad of energy and breath work. I believe that the work of the asana practice through the breath can bring light, consciousness and awareness throughout the body, inform the intelligence of the body, and bring equanimity, peace and joy to the mind and spirit.”