Hira Lesea

Hira’s teaching is alignment focused and aims to lighten your mood and integrate mindfulness into your yoga practice, and daily life

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Hira Lesea is a committed student of alchemical transformations in the body practicing yoga and meditation for over 15 years. She completed her 500 hour yoga certification through Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie’s unique program- Yoga Sukhavati, studying anatomy and alignment, Ayurveda, and Tibetan Buddhism. While these ancient modalities have created a deep resonance in her, she understands it is first essential for us to put down the baggage of stress to get to a calmer state where sweetness can be found. Through her investigations, she has come to see that yoga can undo years of embedded patterns, helping us to live more liberated and joyful lives and brings that to her teaching. In addition to yoga, she is a chef for retreats, plays the drums and acts in her friend’s films and plays.