Kirklan Taber


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Kirklan believes exercise can be a moving meditation, centering our lives both physically and spiritually.

In 1994 Kirklan started Get Fit LLC as a personal trainer and began working at “Your Personal Best” a facility that focused on individuals recovering from injury and “gym intimidation.” Soon after starting his business he attended a yoga class with a friend. He “took” to the practice of Yoga and moved to incorporate its beauty, grace and peace of mind in to his teaching, becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2000 with Yogafit. Following a knee and shoulder injury Kirklan began his rehabilitation with Pilates and in 2002 studying through Healthy Habits in Sacramento, he was certified as a Pilates Instructor. He has studied under Rose Zahn, Nancy Myers, Janine Fodiller and Stephanie Forster and continues his education through Balanced Body University at EHS Pilates. He is passionate about fitness and rehabilitation, helping his students achieve their goals while fostering a safe and supportive practice.

He continues to help people recover from hip and knee replacement surgery, cancer, stoke and HIV/AIDS. His greatest wish for his students is that they become strong, confident and healthy.
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