Ronn Vigh

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Ronn moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in 2001. A friend who wanted to try yoga coerced Ronn to join by buying him his own mat, and thus he begrudgingly attended his first yoga class. A month later, Ronn’s friend would never be seen again in a yoga class, but Ronn fell in love with the practice. Even better, he made out with a shiny new purple mat for free!

Many years later, Ronn still has that mat. It’s a bit worn, but he is just as much in love with yoga as the first day he started to roll around on it. Ronn enjoys teaching vigorous yet lighthearted classes, set to a new playlist each session, but most importantly, he encourages his students to be led by the soundtrack of their breath. While teaching primarily in the Vinyasa style, Ronn occasionally draws from other practices such as Kundalini and Restorative, as well as the use of pranayama (breathing) techniques, music, and relevant readings to help make each class unique and well rounded.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Ronn is a freelance writer and has also performed stand-up comedy for over 11 years (don’t worry, he won’t try out new jokes on you while you’re in downward facing dog. Usually).