Sarwang Parikh

Sarwang is a blossoming new teacher with a strong tradition of spiritual devotion and practice that roots him back to his homeland of India and led him into our bay area community. He has practiced yoga and meditation for over 7 years and grew up under the devotional tradition of his family lineage. He graduated from the Purusha Yoga School’s amazing teacher training program and has been inspired by the creativity that Vinayasa lends to an ancient tradition. He is passionate about bringing aliveness, spontaneity, and sacredness into each class; while weaving elements of breath, awareness, and movement together to foster a deeper alignment of body-mind-spirit. Sarwang is dedicated to the path of yoga and is actively working towards integrating all aspects of yoga as his own life practice. He serves the community of SF by bringing mindfullness and healing as a therapist intern to a diversity of adults and youth. He is grateful and excited to offer a donation-based class to Bernal Yoga and to nurture community here.