with Megan Windeler
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 – 9:15 am

6-Class Pass $90
12-Class Pass $180
Drop-in $20

Drop-Ins Welcome! (Regular class passes not accepted; 2x per week attendance highly encouraged)

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A quick, yet calm, 45 minute morning workout aimed boost your strength, flexibility and over all body awareness as you rev up to start your day.
Whether you are looking to add some focused strength work and alignment principals to compliment your Yoga practice or looking to find a mindful full body work out this class would fit the bill.
The workout consists of a combination Pilates, Yoga, Calisthenics and light weight and resistance band training that will tone and sculpt your body, and focus and calm your mind. Committing to attending and classes at least 2/x week will give you progress you can see and feel.
Since this is a series class with is own enrollment plan signing up joins you into the morning workout community! Practicing with the same group of dedicated and inspiring people, you will find encouragement and help in being accountable to yourself. In doing so you will inspire and support others.

Instructor — Megan Windeler

Mindful movement, in whatever form it takes, is Megan’s passion. She firmly believes in the power of movement to help people feel at home in their bodies and more connected to their lives.z

Her classes are creative and full of detail. Expect to work, rest and have space to explore the shapes and movements in equal measure. She is a master at creating a version of any shape or movement appropriate for every body.

Megan has been teaching Yoga since 2005 and Pilates since 2017. She was a student of both methods for years before she ventured into teaching. She is ever curious about movement modalities and feeds her teaching by being a perpetual student.

Megan got her first Yoga certification at The Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2005 with teachers Stephanie Snyder, Jamie Lindsay, Darren Main, and Jai Kumar. She studied Pre Natal Yoga with Jane Austin and Marisa Toriggino. She continues to learn from many teachers. Her favorite locals being Britt Forman and Kate Truka-Tartuk. She studies Pilates on-going with Ruthie Wahlborg Scott in the lineage of Ellie Herman, blending classical Pilates with a more contemporary approach. She holds a license from Incorporating Fitness, LLC, allowing her to teach the Buff Bones ® Method – an osteoporosis safe workout designed to enhance agility, fitness and bone strength. Presently, she is working on a Personal Training and Health Coaching Certificate with ACE.

Outside the studio, she rides her bike and hikes on mountain trails, drinks tea, loves plants, books, heavy metal, bad jokes, and her son.



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