Namaskar, a 23 canvas series art show
by Olivia Brown

The next time you enter the studio, you’ll see a new set of paintings by longtime student and Bernal Heights resident Olivia Brown. The paintings are an homage to her community experience at Bernal Yoga, the many wonderful students, and the inspiring and generous teachers. Olivia created this series as a parting blessing as she embarks on her next journey, taking her to a new home and neighborhood in West Marin. Entitled Namaskar, a 23-canvas series, these paintings visually describe the experience of practicing yoga together as a community. Each painting, like each individual, is part of the collective whole. Each is distinct with particular attributes and characteristics, but in joining together they form a collective harmony with a beautiful unique resonance (especially audible in our shared ohms). Using the visceral language of paint to contemplate the qualities of movement and stillness, the paintings depict numerous states of flow that are all interwoven as a single dynamic. We are also featuring other examples of Olivia’s work in the foyer of the studio. Enjoy!