Boot Up 3-Week Series: Yoga and Conditioning for Strength, Stability, and Stamina
with Kirklan Taber

3-Week Series: Tuesdays/Thursdays (8:30-9:15 a.m.)
$90 for the 3-week series (no drop-ins or class passes accepted)

Upcoming Series:
January 26th - February 11th
February 23 - March 10

Pre-registration required; 8 students needed to run this series (limited to 14 students)

strength series
- 45 minute morning classes that will boot up your practice to start your day in an energizing way.

- Combinations of familiar and traditional yoga poses along with strength conditioning exercises that will tone and sculpt your body and focus and calm your mind.

- Progress you can see and feel. You will get back on track or stay the course of a regular practice by committing to and attending classes at least 2/x week for 3 weeks.

- Inspiration, support and community. By practicing with the same group of people, you will be encouraged to help and be accountable for yourself as well as inspire and support others.

The Strength, Stability and Stamina series can help you:

- reinvigorate your yoga practice

- incorporate strength conditioning moves to help with joint stability (hips, knees, shoulders) and muscular balance (ex. hamstring strength and flexibility, upper body toning and shoulder mobility).

- improve your confidence, mood and overall sense of well being.

- learn sequences to increase your functional flexibility, strength and stamina while clearing and calming your mind.

You will be practicing barefoot on your own mat as well as throughout the full practice space. You’ll be using your whole body in addition to hand weights, yoga props, and resistance bands (all will be provided at the studio). Please bring a yoga mat, hand towel and water bottle. Yoga mats also available for rent at the studio ($1).

This series is suitable for most students since modifications and options will be given. If have any questions about the series please email [email protected].