Functional Strength Training: Summer Program (July-August)
with Carey Rockland

Mon/Wed 6:00am-6:45am
Wednesday, July 10th – Wednesday, August 28th

Summer Fitness 10-Pass: $160 (10 classes, good through August 28th)
Single class drop in: $20

Special summer programming: Functional Strength is an exercise community. We meet live when 2 or more members pre-register to train one day in advance and we make sure we stay in shape via online training, take-home workouts and email follow-up.

Please note: Regular class passes do not apply for the “Functional Strength Training: Summer Program” You will need to purchase “Summer Fitness 10-Pass” ($160) or pay for a single class drop-in ($20). Passes for the Functional Strength Training Summer Program are not transferable to other classes or series.

This 45 minute early morning workout will kick your day off to an energetic start. Each class will begin with a dynamic warm-up followed by full body circuit training and interval work and a short cool down. This style of training results in increased functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning and overall well being. We will be utilizing medicine balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, and dumbbells. Participants are welcome to set their own pace and intensity. This program is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome. Train with your community and get into great shape.

c9lk056hCarey Rockland, MA, NPTI, NSCA-CSCS has been training since 2004. She specializes in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, muscle imbalance correction, and sport event preparation. She designs her training and coaching systems to effect lifestyle change and thereby presents a long-term, holistic view of the physical fitness process. She recognizes that healthy physical embodiment is a complex and rich experience, often resulting in increased confidence, efficiency and stress-reduction. Carey also coaches outdoor group exercise on a regular basis and is enthusiastic about the power of group motivation and community. Currently Carey centers her own physical practice around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; she has trained at Ralph Gracie San Francisco since 2004. She can be reached at [email protected]