Workshops & Events:
Standing Poses: Mini Workshop Style Class
with Rachel Lanzerotti

Thursday, April 5th (7:30-9:00pm)

Anchor and invigorate your standing poses. Explore the actions of grounding, centering, and lifting into standing poses such as tadasana (mountain), vrksasana (tree), uttita parsvakonasana (extended side-angle), trikonasana (triangle), and ardha chandrasana (half-moon). Learn to work the feet and legs to shape the pose, find your core strength and stability. In these two mini-workshop style classes, you will gain a new understanding of the structural and energetic aspects of essential standing poses. These are great classes for all levels of students; two workshops may be taken separately or as a series.

Rachel Lanzerotti, MSW, RYT, teaches embodied awareness via Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. In addition to her private practice, Five Rivers Yoga, Rachel is an instructor for two University of California research studies on the metabolic effects of restorative yoga and mindful breathing practices. She is an avid student of the body, as well as a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program, The Yoga Loft, Advanced Relax & Renew(R) Restorative Yoga, and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Teacher Training. For more details, visit: Five Rivers Yoga

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