Mindful Tech 4-Week Series: Outsmart your Smart Phone and Other Robots
with Traci Joy Burleigh

Sundays, February 1st - 22nd (6:00-7:30pm)
4-Week Series $100 (regular class passes not accepted)

In this special workshop 4-Week series, you will develop meditative practices to bring awareness to your relationship with all of the “smart” gadgets in your life. We will stretch out the body with easy poses that target poor tech habits related to posture and overuse, and explore a variety of breathing practices that open these spots to increase energy and focus. We will close each session with focused meditation to cultivate loving-kindness as we navigate the complicated intersections between humanity and technology. In addition, we will incorporate practical and philosophical concepts to explore each week between classes for maximum benefit, and each student will have an opportunity to work on places of particular concern.

Whether you sit at a desk all day; have sore texting thumbs, tired eyes, or monkey mind; or still think multitasking is efficient, we will address your personal needs so you can rest easier, find more peace in 21st-century daily life, and bring awareness to those moments in which technology is controlling you rather than the other way around. No yoga or meditation experience necessary, all welcome. Please sign up in advance for this series.