Neurogenic Yoga™ Workshop
with Maria Alfaro

Sunday, April 26th 1:30pm-4:30pm
sign-up-bernal$50 per person
Neurogenic Yoga is a revolutionary new technique in trauma healing and stress reduction. It’s an integrative method that combines yoga asana and pranayama with Neurogenic tremors. Neurogenic tremors in humans, much the same as the instinctual tremors in animals, are the nervous systems way of discharging long-held tension and trauma or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness.

During a typical Neurogenic Yoga practice a combination of gentle yoga postures and breath techniques are utilized to evoke a trembling response from the Psoas muscle. Involuntary shaking then reverberates throughout the entire body traveling along the spine releasing deep chronic tension from the sacrum to the cranium.

This experiential workshop will include an introduction and deeper understanding of Neurogenic tremoring and its history and origin in Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. Participants will experience two Neurogenic Yoga classes including yoga asana, pranayama and Neurogenic tremoring.

Most people describe this experience as pleasant and relaxing and report many improvements in their physical and emotional state.


-Release of chronic tension and increase of energy and stamina

-Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma

-Freedom from symptoms of sciatica and fibromyalgia

-Decrease of aches and pains

-Improved sleep

-Improved circulation

-Improved mood

-Improved sense of feeling grounded and focused

-Improved flexibility

Maria Alfaro is a native Italian living in Santa Cruz, California. She has 26 years yoga experience and extensive training in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga. She has been teaching Yoga since 1997. Maria was trained in TRE™ by its founder, Dr. David Berceli, in 2004 and she has been teaching his method ever since. She traveled twice to South Africa with Dr. Berceli and she assisted him in numerous TRE™ Level I and Level II trainings both there and in the US. She teaches TRE™ trainings and introductory classes in the US and internationally, creating a supportive and compassionate environment which makes people feel safe. Maria’s full bio