Simple Yoga, Strength and Stamina
with Megan Windeler & Caroline Kelley

Joining our 2014 weekly class schedule: Mondays with Megan & Wednesdays with Caroline, 4:45pm-5:45pm
Regular class passes apply to this class/ Drop-in $17
Simple Yoga, Strength & Stamina

Learn simple yoga shapes, breathing techniques, and strength building exercises aimed at helping you increase your functional flexibility, strength and stamina, while bringing calm and quiet to the mind. Building functional strength in your core, hips, back, arms and legs will improve your stamina in yoga class and other physical endeavors (like living!). This class will focus on simple correct alignment and how to incorporate props into your practice to enhance each shape. With endearing humor and practical insight, we’ll cultivate an accessible, enjoyable, simplistic yoga practice that you can also do at home if you wish. We’ll create a quiet space for you to drop in and slow down, to find comfort in your own body and mind.

Simple Yoga is perfect for beginners, those coming back to yoga or working with an injury. It’s also ideal for long time and advanced yogis who wish to focus a little deeper or refine their practice, and those who wish to build more strength into their practice.