Sound Healing with Restorative Yoga
with Elise Collins and Jules Sears

Sunday, February 28th 

$40 if you register in advance/$45 day of

Join us as we explore ways of using breath and sound to release toxins and negativity while tapping into the divine intelligence of our bodies.
Sing Bowl_Sound_HealingWinter is the gestation season that sets the foundation for your health and well-being for the rest of the year. The seasonal cycles of our body remain much the same whether you live in 30 below zero temps or our balmy Bay Area, and this is the best time all year to:


  • Nourish yourself with warm foods and warming spices such as ginger
  • Cultivate internal energy with soothing movements
  • Give yourself quality time to rest and create clear intentions for the best ways to manifest your dreams

While in Elise’s luxurious supported yoga poses and bathing in the healing vibrations Tibetan bowls and other native instruments, each participant will receive specific tuning forks from Jules designed by acupuncturists on potent energy points that will encourage their cells to move towards natural healing frequencies.

There will be a special emphasis on the kidneys, which govern the water in our bodies. With water being the element of Winter, as well as a fantastic conduit for vibrations, we can restore a natural flow of energy and feel more at peace.