Workshops & Events:
Weekend With Bhavani Maki

Full Weekend Workshop $250 **Sold out***
Individual Sessions (Friday & Saturday Yoga Sutras Only) $50
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The Yogi’s Treasure Map (yoga sutras) $50
Friday, November 12   (7:30pm - 9:30pm)
If Yoga is the dissolving of all self-limiting thoughts patterns and tendencies, then self awareness and getting free is the key! The Yoga Sutras are designed to provide a map for the Yogi’s journey through the trials and travails of the yogic process. As it is said, it is easy to start something and it is easy to end something, but it is in the maintenance and perseverance that the true work and rewards of yoga are found! Bhavani’s gift is to peel away the outer shell of the sutras and to reveal the nectar of the teachings in a way that is meaningful to our times. Join her in an uplifting and often humorous exploration of yoga and the insights the sutras provide into revealing the keys to success and a healthy and sustainable approach to the process of yoga.

DRDHAH BHUMIH; Firmly Grounded: Standing & Balancing Postures   **Sold Out**
Saturday, November 13  (9:30am - 11:30am)

Patanjalim encourages yoga aspirants to develop a practice that is steadfast, and firmly grounded.  We will investigate standing and balancing postures as a means to systematically approach to stabilize our connection to the Earth with the intent of accessing greater freedom within the self.    Diagnostic as well as curative, these postures are the vehicle for developing a sustainable practice that has the qualities of integrity of alignment and form.

Living passionately without getting burned (yoga sutras)  $50
Saturday, November 13  (1:00pm - 4:00pm
Traditionally, the Yoga Sutras are an integral part of practice, but in the West have remained largely untouched. It is as if we are trying to practice Yoga with our hands tied behind our backs! In this next session of Sutra discussion, we will look at the challenges we are sure to face, the art of navigating successfully and to ultimately maintain the right attitude so we can enjoy the process wholeheartedly, free ourselves up, and in the fire of practice not get burned!

Fearless Love: Backbending into Freedom **Sold Out**
Sunday, November 14,    (8:00am - 11:00am)
Patanjali advises us to go forth on the Yogic path with abhyasa and vairagya—effort and release, the two wings of freedom. Backbends are the most challenging and for some of us, the most terrifying of postures. We will explore the areas necessary for freedom, release and building confidence in a clear and systematic approach that is compression free.

Restorative Yoga for the Psychonaut **Sold Out**
Sunday, November 14 (1:00pm - 4:00pm)
Much like an astronaut, the psycho-naut ventures into the wide unknown of their own consciousness! Yogic posture is the seat from which Yoga begins and is meant to be practiced along with the study of metaphysical texts. Combining longer holds in deep hip openers with philosophy, we will continue to explore the ultimate text for Yogis—the Yoga Sutra. We will conclude the session with an exploration of Pranayama.

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