Workshops & Events:
Personal Safety for Women Workshop
with Carey Rockland & Sharon Sanghera

Saturday, March 17th
$75 in advance, $85 at the door.

Develop your inner strength and learn to move well and maintain personal safety in an urban environment. Our inner world has everything to do with the ways we respond to the events in our lives. On the rare occasion where physical safe-guarding becomes necessary, a personal foundation and plan is helpful. Join Wellness Coach Sharon Sanghera and fitness trainer Carey Rockland for an afternoon dedicated to Women’s Self Preservation.

Our course teaches methods for maintaining personal space, boundaries, and self-awareness including incident
prevention and de-escalization. We train the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves to be prepared for any
external scenario. We also teach self-defense basics. The participants in our program learn to move in reality-based physical scenarios.

All of the movement training, partner training and contact is optional. We create a safe space to learn this material.

About the Instructors:

As a Wellness Coach, Pilates and Martial Arts Instructor, Sharon Sanghera, believes in working on internal dialog and its effects on our wellness and flow of energy. Sharon helps in creating plans for daily wellness habits and practices which will help support healthy lasting lifestyle change and stress reduction. Sharon has been training in martial arts for over 12 years and has been using martial arts to help empower men and women of all ages. She has a blackbelt in JKD/KALI and her foundation is the bedrock of many modern weapons systems and is one of the art choices for many professional executive protection services, military, US Navy SEAL Teams and Special Forces operative. Sharon is the Editor-in-Chief of Vincit Magazine, a mixed martial arts magazine and CoFounder of Major Combat Sports.

Carey Rockland is a full-time fitness trainer and a purple belt at Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. She and has learned street-style self-preservation from several elite mentors in martial disciplines. Carey won the Gold in the Blue Belt Lightweight Division at the 2010 US Open and Gold in the Purple Belt Middleweight Division at the 2011 US Open. Carey has a Masters in Sport Management and physical training certifications through the NSCA (CSCS) and NPTI. For a full bio please visit:

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