Hip Opening Workshop
with Katharine Otis

Sunday, March 29th (1:30pm-3:30pm)


$40 for the workshop

In the practice of yoga, the body, mind, and spirit are believed to be direct reflections of one another; in studying the body, one is also studying one’s belief systems and state of consciousness. In this 2-hour hip opening workshop, you will gain knowledge of the anatomy of this ball and socket joint by exploring its full range of motion in your body through held standing, seated, and supine postures. You will breath into the poses and stay with whatever sensation presents itself while you meet your edge with your breath. As the connective tissue in the body softens, and the muscles lengthen, what is revealed is the unique story that your body tells when you take time to listen to it. This workshop will include a journal-writing component that will deepen the atmosphere of self-reflection.