Candlelight Yin with Restoratives

Need to relax, de-stress or make time for yourself?

Candlelight Yin Yoga with Restoratives is a deep, meditative and often profound practice. Infused in the longer, more passive holds is a meditative awareness of breath, mindfulness and presence. This more quiet and still practice helps to tap into intuition and deep listening.

The Yin style involves holding and exploring poses for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system. Practicing this way helps to target deeper connective tissues especially around the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Restorative poses will be included or when necessary can be substituted for some of the Yin poses. The more restorative aspects will aid in creating calmness, deep relaxation and therapeutic support.

The class is suitable for most practitioners regardless of age, experience or familiarity with Yin or Restorative yoga. Awareness, openings and insight become skillful tools in order to help overcome obstacles and challenges in life, increase joint mobility, heal injuries and provide necessary self-care.