Workshop: Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion
with Matthew Cohen

WHEN:Saturday, November 8th- 12:30-4:00pm
WHERE:Bernal Yoga
461 Cortland Ave. at Andover St. in San Francisco
415.643.9007, [email protected]
COST:$30 pre-pay, $40 at the door.
About the Workshop:

This unique workshop marries the two ancient health systems of Yoga and Tai Chi, offering the beauty and benefits from both of these rich traditions. Yoga, perhaps the more yang, masculine and linear practice, develops strength, flexibility and mental focus with an emphasis on the upper energetic centers of the body. Tai Chi, the more yin, feminine and circular practice, cultivates grace, softness and intuition, emphasizing the lower centers. The offspring of this marriage is Yoga/ Tai Chi fusion, a path to radiant health, which strengthens the body, calms the mind and liberates the spirit. Poses and topics include:
    Taoist and Hindu breathing
    Yoga/Tai Chi fusion standing poses for power
    Yoga/Tai Chi fusion twists for purification
    Yoga/Tai Chi fusion backbends and forward bends
    Medicine arrows
    Spirit casting
    Dancing in the stars
The Yoga/Tai Chi fusion method is a healing system. Each sacred gesture and posture is designed to bring balance to our lives. They can be used at any time, in any order as a physical, emotional, spiritual or physical healing salve.

About the Instructor:

Matthew Cohen holds a fifth degree black belt in Shaolin Temple style Kung Fu and advanced degrees and training in Indonesian Martial Arts, Chi Kung, Hatha and Taoist Yoga, dance, and healing. He completed Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga with Max Strom, Sarah Powers, Tim Miller, Eddie Modastini, Tias Little, and Sherry Brourman and has taught at many yoga centers in the US and abroad. He currently teaches at Sacred Movement Center for Yoga and Healing in Venice, Ca.