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Bernal Yoga is centrally located in the heart of Bernal Heights on Cortland Ave. Students will find the studio to be a warm and nurturing environment that not only welcomes the first time student but offers a variety of classes and instructors for the more experienced practitioner. Bernal Yoga is a neighborhood and city studio for all ages and levels. Bernal Yoga's Instructors offer not only their teaching and practice experience but also their passion for Yoga.

Jane Austin: Jane teaches prenatal yoga and has been involved with the birthing community for ten years. She has worked as a homebirth midwife,labor assistant and childbirth educator. A mother of two, Jane practiced yoga during both of her pregnancies. She continues to deepen her practice as both a teacher and student of yoga.

Jennifer J. Billock: Jennifer works to bring levity and joy to her yoga classes. Having completed her yoga teacher training in Integrative Yoga therapy, she views yoga as a healing art and tool for transformation, working to meet the indiv idual needs of each of her students. An avid practitioner of various styles of yoga since 1994, Jennifer combines elements of Kripalu, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga in her classes. She has studied with many wonderful teachers including Joseph Le Page, Judith Lasater, Ana Forrest and Jonas Westring.

Britt Fohrman: Britt spends most of her time honoring pregnant women and new moms by teaching pre and post natal yoga, doing pre and post natal bodywork, taking photographs and being a Doula (childbirth assistant); though she still loves working with a variety of un-pregnant people. Her yoga classes are based on the alignment principles and teachings of BKS and Geeta Iyengar, and are rounded out by influences of other innovative teachers, including Colette Crawford, RN, the top specialist in yoga for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, by whom Britt was certified to teach. She has recently begun to study and practice Vipassana (insight) meditation and finds that her yoga is becoming more meditative and breath oriented as a result. Britt enjoys using her creativity and knowledge of the body to help her students and clients become more balanced in their own bodies, minds and spirits.

Katy Fox: Katy has been studying the body through a variety of art forms and sciences since 1995, most recently completing an Anatomy and Yin Yoga course with Paul Grilley. Katy?s sensitive and dedicated style, grounded in the needs of each student, stems from her one-on-one, 2-year intensive teacher training with Judith Hirt completed in 2003. Combining an Iyengar approach with other yogic and movement disciplines, Katy inspires both beginning and continuing students to develop an explorative and joyful practice.

Rebecca Goldfader:Rebecca believes in bringing a joyful, encouraging mind/body approach to fitness for all body types. Her Pilates mat classes introduce the fundamental and beginner regimen, as created by Joseph Pilates, to enhance and build core streng th. Integration of breath, balance and focused movement contribute to toning and lengthening muscles, while building strength, flexibility, and improved posture. Rebecca received her formal Pilates training in the BASI approach, through the Center Studios in San Francisco. In addition to teaching mat classes throughout the city, Rebecca is also co-owner of Pilates Heights, a private instruction Pilates studio in Bernal Heights, scheduled to open August 1st! Rebecca is also an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, and especially enjoys working with prenatal and postpartum clients.

Dana Greenbaum: Dana believes the body is our best teacher and through greater connection to it we can achieve healthier ways of being in the world. Her yoga practice of eight years acts as a continual inspiration in her life. Dana?s approach to yoga is grounded in the heart and physical alignment principles of Anusara with the graceful flow of Vinyasa. She credits Corina Benner,former senior teacher at OM in New York City, for providing her with a strong platform on which to stand as a teacher, completing her 250-hour Vinyasa teacher training in the winter of 2002/03. Dana has since then fallen in love with Anusara and teacher trained with Certified Anusara teachers Sianna Sherman and Mitchel Bleier. In her pursuits of the healing arts through yoga and massage therapy, she hopes to assist othe rs in accessing the wisdom that lies within.

Elizabeth Herrick:Elizabeth?s vinyasa flow style of teaching builds physical stamina and mental awareness- incorporating breath, meditation and structural alignment to take the body and practice to the next level. She designs her classes so that students are brought out of their minds and into their bodies. Through this, she feels anyone can heal their own physical and emotional ailments. Elizabeth believes that the limitless growth we experience in our practice is a metaphor for our limitless possibilities in life. Elizabeth received her certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga from the Nosara Yoga Institute. She has also studied Iyengar and Ana Forrest?s yoga. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, she is writing yoga and health-related articles on her community wellness website,

Katie Lewis: Katie Lewis teaches Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga as a framework through which to discover one's deeper nature. She helps students to meet their physical limitations with compassionate awareness & challenges them to approach fear with the same heartfelt intent. Katie has been teaching yoga to adults & children for the past three years & recently returned from studying with Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten in Greece. Fasci nated by psycho-spiritual development, she also studies healing through unconditional presence with John Welwood as well as Robin Winn. She practices massage therapy & is in the process of completing C.I.I.S.'s Yoga Certificate.

Jeremy Moran: With his teachers blessings he began teaching Jivamukti Yoga in April 2003 after compl eting the certification course in New York. He assisted David Life, founder of Jivamukti Yoga, in November during his San Francisco Yoga Tree workshop. He was also involved in this years?s Yoga Journal conference where he assisted senior Jivamukti teacher Uma Saraswati in all of her classes. As a student and teacher of yoga he believes in building a consistent practice through discipline, self study and devotion that helps us connect with our true selves on a daily basis. Jeremy Moran has been a continuing student of Jivamukti yoga since 1999. His studies also include sanskrit , playing the harmonium and studying yogic scripture.

Stephanie Parent:Stephanie has been studying Hatha yoga with an emphasis in Iyengar since 1999. She completed Tony Briggs' Teacher Training Program while pregnant, and delivered her first baby in April 2004. She continues to practice yoga regularly with her baby, and shares this experiential knowledge with all new moms to help them with their individual practice. She understands the demands of motherhood on the physical and emotional body and addresses the new mother's needs and concerns while bringing her love and respect of yoga asanas to class. Lani Rosen:Lani incorporated yoga into her daily schedule while teaching in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. From there, she went on to receive her 200 hour certification from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica and then her children's certification at Next Generation Yoga in NYC. Lani's warm-hearted, playful style of teaching is inspired both by her personal yoga interests and practical experiences in the field of education. Her yoga classes combine music, games, props and stories to give the children all the benefits of yoga and have a great time doing it! For more information about Lani please visit

Jennifer Stager: In her traditional Ashtanga classes, Jennifer explores the union of breath and movement to cleanse mind, body and soul. She began practicing Ashtanga yoga in Boston in 1998, after years as a competitive rower. From Boston, she took her practice to Oxford, New York, Berlin, Paris and now the Bay Area, and yoga remains her foundation and source of energy and community in each new space. She brings the collective energy and experience of her teachers and fellow practitioners to her classes, so that students find their own place of trust and ease in all postures. Jennifer has studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Petri Raisanen, David Swenson, and currently practices with her teacher Vance Selover in Berkeley, CA.

Indigo Stray: Indigo Stray recently moved from New York City, where she studied and taught vinyasa yoga for six years. On her path she's discovered that yoga is not a prescribed practice which has remained rigid for generations, but an exploration of the self and an ever-changing art form. She views yoga as a gateway to a healthier way of life which is available to everyone and should be tailored to individual needs. Indigo's sessions emphasize how the breath instigates movement and the body connects to the mind. Drawing on both traditional and modern yogic texts, her classes also contain philosophic themes to help take the lessons of your practice off the mat and into life.

Kate Truka:Kate experienced the healing power of coordinated breath and movement as a dancer for many years before discovering yoga in the Japanese countryside in 2001, rendering a lifelong asthmatic condition inert. She is grateful for many luminous teachers and received her certification from the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco. With reverence for breath awareness as connection to the universal energy that sustains us, Kate is keen to cultivate the kindness that flowers from the alignment, the union, that is yoga.

Elizabeth Walker: Elizabeth's inspirational instruction has been at the heart of the Bernal Yoga Pilates program from the studio's beginnings. Using the Pilates method as her primary language, she guides each mat class through the unique series of strength training exercises from the inside out. Her teaching is influenced by her passion for all things movement as a dancer, athlete, and dedicated yoga student. In both her mat classes and private instruction, Elizabeth safely and compassionately guides each student toward developing strong abdominal & postural muscles, which help alleviate back pain, prevent injury, and improve performance i n all aspects of life. For those looking to bring their yoga practice to the next level, her classes are a healthy compliment. Elizabeth was first introduced to Pilates through rehabilitating a dance-related injury many years ago. From there she was moved to spread the word and received her formal Pilates training at the Ellie Herman Studios in SF. Since then, she's been teaching in Bernal Heights & Noe Valley and the co-owner of Pilates Heights - a Pilates studio opening August 2005 on Cortland Ave.

Bill Wyland:

Bill's philosophy is rooted in the Krishnmacharya and Viniyoga lineage emphasizing the intetegration of breath and movement, tailoring the practice to the individual student and safe alignment.

His teaching is largely influenced by present teachers Saul David Raye, Max Strom and Shiva Rea all of whom he continues extensive studies with. Bill also draws inspiration from the many teachers and students he has met along the path too numerous to name. Along with his sister Savonn, he is co-director of Bernal Yoga.

Savonn Wyland: Savonn is the founder and co-dir ector of Bernal Yoga. She has been an avid practitioner and certified instructor of Yoga, Dance and Meditation for over 10 years. Her style is rooted in the traditional lineages of Ashtanga and Iyengar and has grown and been nourished by many different types of yoga, dance and expressive arts. Her students and other instructors continue to be a source of inspiration for the evolution of her personal practice and her teaching. Savonn teaches from her heart providing individual attention to each student as well as guiding the whole class in an inspirational, transformational and healing way. Savonn holds Yoga Teaching Certificates in "Flow/Vinyasa" from the White Lotus Foundation, "Pre and Post Natal Yoga" from the Seattle Holistic Center and "Yin/Yang" yoga from Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. She can be reached directly [email protected]
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