Pura Vida! Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - Now with 2 Weeks To Chose From (March 16 - 23 and/or March 23 - 30)

March 16 - 23, 2019 with Savonn and Kari and/or March 23-30, 2019 with Savonn, Bill and Rosey

Optional Excursions, Bodywork, Spa Treatments and/or Add Ons:

  • Surfing Lessons:  a private, pristine break is minutes from the yoga deck. This is a perfect place to learn to surf or for more experienced surfers to enjoy long sessions in warm, uncrowded waters. Surf instructors onsite will tailor the lessons to the best tides and times.
  • Ocean Kayaking: including mangrove, sunset sessions and bioluminescent tours.
  • Chocolate Growing and Making Tour and Tasting:  tour Finca Kobo, a local organic cacao plantation, and learn about how conservation of the rainforest and sustainable agriculture can co-exist.  The tour includes a chocolate tasting and guided easy hike.
  • Bodywork-  Massage and Acupuncture:  Receive a luxurious massage in an open air, secluded beachside pavilion.  And/or schedule time for acupuncture. The professional and knowledgeable bodyworkers have extensive experience working with yoga students of all shapes, sizes and ages.
  • Spa Services: Not to be missed is a trip to Alison’s Jungle spa.  Balance the mind and body, nurture the skin and soul, with specially designed and a wide selection of treatments, such as deep tissue and Thai massage, facials, body scrubs, body wraps, hair and feet therapies, and more. Spa treatments are pure to the core and feature all natural ingredients sourced from the surrounding water and rainforest. Organic ingredients range from local cacao beans, costa rican coffee, purely extracted Osa mud, freshly picked ylang ylang flowers, coconut milk and much much more.
  • Bird Watching Tours:  Amateur and serious birdwatchers are always thrilled with the early morning tours led by Felipe.  In the Osa Penisula there are over 430 species of birds.  You will see common and rare types including trogons, red-legged honeycreepers many different types of tanagers, hummingbirds.  Toucans and Scarlet Macaws will fly overhead,  Herons and owls will abound.
  • Hiking-  Locally or Nearby at Corcovado National Park: A guided hike is an excellent way to discover the area and offers a chance to see some of the extraordinary wildlife. A full day guided hike into Corcovado National Park, the jewel of Costa Rica’s park system, can be arranged, while a walk up the near by Carbonera river is also a great option.  You will most likely see monkeys, sloths, toucans, morphos, plus other wildlife, flora and fauna.
  • Dolphin Watch, Boat Tour and Visit to Animal Wildlife Sanctuary:  This is one of the favorite excursions of the retreat. The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal rescue center accessible only by boat and is completely surrounded by Piedras Blancas National Park.  It is one of the most interesting and worthwhile animal sanctuary projects in Costa Rica.  It is a local enterprise wholly committed to providing wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and displaced animals indigenous to the southern zone of Costa Rica. To get to the sanctuary you will go by boat on a guided tour of the Golfo Dulce where you will be surrounded by dolphins and other marine animals.  There are opportunities to swim and snorkel the reefs (when and where conditions permit). The tour of the of the animal sanctuary is life changing.  You will meet rescued monkeys, sloths, toucans, macaws, kinkajous, tayras, peccaries and more.
  • Horseback Riding with Optional Waterfall Rappelling: ride through a lowland meadow, denser rain forest, and to the top of the mountain then back down and along the beach. Well trained horses enable people of all ages to experience exciting riding tours in along remote and will  trails overlooking gorgeous landscapes .  You will  learn interesting facts related to the local landscape and vegetation and get the chance to observe different kind of birds, reptiles and mammals.  Don’t miss the Waterfall Rappel.  While the horses rest at the top of the mountain, you will be expertly assisted in rappelling through a tropical waterfall  that drops over 100 feet high into a greenish-blue swimming hole. Once you get in the natural pool, enjoy a refreshing dip and a spectacular view.
  • AND MORE..each year we look to add on other adventures, excursions and services.  Please ask if there is something else that you are interested in doing while on the retreat.

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily Yoga Classes taught by Savonn and Kari (March 16 - 23) and by Savonn, Bill and Rosey (March 23-30). The classes will be theme based and will be a blend of styles to best fit the overall group and time of day. You will experience a variety of nurturing classes that will enable you to feel focused and clear, and depending on  the type of practice more energized or relaxed.
  • Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks:  Local chef, Lily Murillo Abarca, prepares delicious meals  using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Each morning begins with tropical fruits, yogurt, homemade granola and fresh brewed coffee and tea. 2nd breakfast follows the first yoga session, lunch is mid-day and dinner around 7pm. Each meal is well thought out, expertly prepared, delicious and filling.
  • 8 days and 7 nights at Boca Sombrero.  Boca Sombrero is an ocean front retreat center set in the famous rainforest of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.
  • The Osa Penisula alone is worth the trek to see all manner of bio-diversity and wildlife including monkeys, sloths, exotic birds and more.
  • Sand, Surf and Sun: Miles of un-populated beaches with tide pools, seashells, and a refreshing freshwater stream that is meters from the sea.  A private, pristine surf break is minutes from the yoga deck. There is 1 swimming pool, 1 cold plunge pool, plenty of tide pools and plenty of spots for ocean swimming.
  • Time to Relax, Renew and Restore:  Hammock-swinging and long languid afternoons with a book or journal, or time to daydream and nap.


The retreat is held at Boca Sombrero on the Southern end of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

“The pristine rainforests and rugged natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula make this region among the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica.Declared ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’ by National Geographic Magazine, the Osa Peninsula has, along with Drake Bay, become the premier eco-tourism destination in the country. The Osa Peninsula is a secluded nature wonderland, playing home to many of the country’s rare and endangered animal and bird species, including squirrel monkeys, jaguars, and other forest cats. With a large chunk of the peninsula forming the Corcovado National Park, this area has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. The area hosts more than 375 bird species, a fourth of Costa Rica’s tree species and more than 4000-5000 vascular plant species, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. The rain forest is made up of 700 tree species — the greatest diversity of tree species in all of Central America.

Nestled between the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica’s south Pacific Coast is the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf), a large bay ringed by rivers, secluded beaches, and the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. The Golfo Dulce is one of only three tropical fjords in the entire world. Its marine environment is very special and very fragile. The mangroves within the gulf are a crucial nursery for corvina, shrimp and other marine life. Due to the many rivers that flow into the Gulf from the surrounding Rain Forest, the water in the Gulf is rich with minerals and provides a healthy food source for many marine animals and mammals. December to May is prime time to view Humpback and Blue Whales breeching. These majestic animals visit the Gulf to give birth to their young. They live there for many months while the calves grow large enough to take to the open sea. There are three species of porpoise that live and breed year-round in the Gulf, including the Spinner, Bottle-Nose and the Black-Spotted Dolphins. You can see these fantastic creatures daily along the rivers playing, swimming, and fishing.

Other possible sightings in the Gulf may include, manta rays, 6 different species of turtles, large schools of tuna, and an occasional billfish, such as marlin or sailfish, looking for those schools of tuna for their dinner. The Golfo Dulce is an incredibly scenic and environmentally important aspect of this area and a must-see during your visit.”

Please use the SIGN UP button to pay your $500 deposit, to secure your spot in the retreat.  Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be emailed information pertaining to the retreat (packing list and other good things to know) as well as information about how to pay your balance.


$500 deposit secures your spot in the retreat
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Shared House

The houses are custom-finished with fine hardwoods, open floor plans, and beautiful thatched roofs.  Each house has a slightly different layout with private sleeping areas and open, shared lounging spaces

    • Shared House: $1795/per person: shared house (4-6 people depending on the house)

*Discounts available for families signing up together during the Spring Break week (March 23-30). Please email [email protected] for more details.

    • Shared “Fancy” House: $1990/per person. The “fancy” house is set further back than the other houses. It is more enclosed, with an inside shower, and more privacy.  The “fancy” house has a king size bed on the 2nd floor that opens up to a lovely deck with hammock.  There is also a single sleeping space on the first floor.  The house is perfect for a couple, or a couple of friends.  It could also be a sweet arrangement for a family.

*Discounts available for families signing up together during the Spring Break week (March 23-30). Please email [email protected] for more details.

Shared or Solo Cabana

The tent cabanas are specially designed for comfort in a tropical climate. The thatched roof will keep you dry and cool. The platforms are outfitted with beautiful, screened Moroccan-style tents whose special fabric allows for ventilation. Each bungalow has a cozy porch for relaxing and a private, open-air shower adjacent. Shared bathroom facilities are nearby and conveniently located.

  • Shared Tent Cabana: $1495/per person: each cabana accommodates 2 people in 2 separate beds.  The beds can be combined for a couple. *Discounts available for families signing up together during the Spring Break week (March 23-30) and/or for couples who sign up together. Please email [email protected] for more details.
  • Solo Tent Cabana: $1895/per person:  the solo cabanas are of limited availability.

Cancelation and Refund Policy

We know that life happens and unforeseen situations and circumstances can change and impact your plans. Our cancelation/refund information is listed below. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance so that you have more travel related protection in case you need it. There are no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays, injury, family emergencies or illness.

  • Cancellation before December 1, 2018: receive a full refund less your $500 deposit.
  • Cancellation between Dec. 1- Jan. 15, 2019: receive studio credit less your $500 deposit and a $200 cancelation fee. The credit can be applied towards a future retreat . The credit is valid for 365 days from the date of your cancelation.
  • After Jan. 15, 2019 there will be no refunds or credits given.

Frequently Asked Questions and Good Things to Know

Do I need to sign up with a friend or can I come solo?

You can sign up with a friend or plan on coming solo. We will do our best to match you up with a great roommate.  You will probably meet people that will end up being your new close friends.

How do I sign up? When are payments due?

You can reserve your spot with a $500 deposit. The remaining payment is due 2 months prior to the retreat start date.  Unless otherwise arranged, the balance of the retreat will be charged to the card used for your deposit.  We prefer that you sign up online using a credit card.  However, you can also make arrangements with Savonn to pay by cash or check.

Can you tell me more about the beginning and ending days/times of the retreat?

Your accommodations will be ready around lunchtime on the first day of the retreat. If you arrive before your place is ready, you can hang out in any of the common areas. Usually there are delicious snacks or brunch available in the dining room

The first group get together will happen in the evening. It will not be a yoga practice, it will be an orientation to the week ahead and the retreat center. Dinner will be provided that evening as well.

On the last day,  there will be breakfast/brunch and maybe even lunch. Depends on when everyone is leaving.

Is there a Packing List? What do I need to bring?

No worries.  We will email you a suggested packing list that details what you might want to bring and what you should keep at home.  We can also put you in touch with other people who have been on the retreat.  They can share their packing tips and other insider knowledge.

Is there a particular airport to fly into…and then what is the transportation needed from the airport to the retreat location?

You will be making your own flight reservations. You will need to get to the small airport of Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. Most routes will take you first to San Jose, Costa Rica. From there you will need to get a connecting flight to Puerto Jimenez. It is a very short flight. Best deals on flights to San Jose, Costa Rica can be found with American Airlines, Delta, United and Alaska.

Depending on the arrival time of your international flight, you may have to spend a night in Alajuela before catching a flight to Puerto Jimenez. If this is the case, let us know, and we can recommend some of the places that people like to stay en route.

Sansa and Nature Air are the two airlines in Costa Rica with several flights daily to Puerto Jimenez. The flight is about 45 minutes and costs approximately $130 each way. We highly recommend using Sansa.  You can often get a better deal on a flight by calling them rather than booking online. Nature Air has a terminal in the main international airport and Sansa’s terminal is just one block away.

Sansa: www.flysansa.com
Nature Air: www.natureair.com

Once in Puerto Jimenez, we will arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport and bring you to Boca Sombrero. The cost for the taxi is $30 up to 2 people, and $10 extra per additional person.

We will gather everyone’s travel information and will make sure that there are taxi shuttles waiting for you in Puerto Jimenez. We can also help you coordinate with others on the trip in planning flights, taxis, etc.

Will you be offering a variety of classes for different levels?

Yes, there will be a variety of classes. The am classes tend to be longer and more energetic while the late afternoon classes are more mellow and restorative. There is no expectation that you will attend every class.  We offer a lot of yoga classes throughout the week.

Do I need to be really good at yoga to come on the retreat?

The retreat is open to all levels of students and practices will be tailored to those who are on the retreat. There will be a variety of types of classes (some Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, some Restorative, some classes will be be more energizing some will be more mellow). Some days the classes will be mini-workshop style or otherwise thematically based. You do not need to participate in all of the classes. You will find your own rhythm and pace.

I’m nervous about traveling alone in a country I have never been to, I have never traveled out of the states.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit. The people are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. It is an easy country to enter and exit, you do need a current and valid passport. If you don’t have one get one right away. Info about passports can be found here.

As we get closer to the trip we will help you plan for ways to meet up with other travelers. While we will not be making your travel accommodations for you, we will be asking for everyone’s itineraries and will communicate ways that you might meet up with each other in airports, share rides, stay in similar places en route, etc.

I like to chill out, kick back and relax when I am traveling. I enjoy a cold beer after a hot day at the beach and I like wine with my dinner. Are there beverages that will be available?

There will be a fridge stocked with  beer and wine provided by the retreat center. An honor system is set up so that you can purchase those beverages when you want.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions or if you would like to know more about the retreat please drop us a line.

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