19 March 2011 | By Tania Ketenjian | 1 Comment

While it may be very rainy and wet these days here in San Francisco, we have entered Spring, or we’re about to. We have definitely sprung forward and it’s a new season, a time where we come out of the cave of darkness of the winter and enter into the brightness of Spring. And while this happens externally, it also can happen on the inside. The changing of the seasons offers us a chance to make a seasonal change within and shine some light on those dark eyes, shed that which isn’t working so well and spring into that which is.

I love new beginnings, and I remind myself that every sun salutation, every downward facing dog, every tree pose is a new beginning, a new opportunity.

Sometimes it doesn’t always feel that way, and we forget to check in with ourselves and look at our habits. But it’s an important thing to do and landmarks, like birthdays and new years and the seasons can be a reminder to do so.

The other day in class, I was instructed to spread my legs wider. I later asked the teacher why do I not do that naturally and she said, habit. A lot of what we do is just the nature of habit and luckily habit is something that can change, with awareness. In the winter time we take on certain habits and now is the time to question those and see what habits we are keen to incorporate into Spring.

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  1. I agree with Tania, we tend to develop habits and then think those habits are correct. I was practicing in a gym at the hotel where I stayed in Laughlin. The gym had mirrors. I would get into an asana, look at myself and then remember the pose from the book I bought entitled “Hatha Yoga Illustrated.” I had to make several adjustments because my form did not look lie the pictures in the book. Mirrors brought a version of self-awareness that I was unaccustomed to. Notwithstanding, I became aware that I was cheating on several asanas and have to focus harder on perfecting each asana I practice. I saw Tania in Mya’s Saturday class, and she and her practice looked fabulous. I believe she may be taking her own advice. Later.


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