Workshops & Events:
Yoga for Holiday Stress
with Rachel Lanzerotti

Sunday, December 4th (1:30-3:30pm)
Save $5.00 by registering/paying in advance

It’s that time of year!From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, it can feel like a headlong hurtle into the holidays. Sometimes our time for practice becomes scarce, yet this is often when we need it the most. Yoga can help with holiday stress and blues. Please join us for an afternoon of active and restorative yoga to prepare for the holiday season with balance and ease. Learn portable yoga poses to support your immune system, sleep, digestion, and overall stress level. We’ll try on bite-sized sequences you can do wherever you are — with a focus on twists and forward bends, restorative poses, and breathing to focus and relax. Turn toward reflection, and learn short meditations to support your mindful presence during travel, celebrations, family time, and all the gifts of the season.

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