Kai King

Kai was born a yogi. His mother called him “Buddha Baby” as he was always calm, even tempered, and patient. In 2007, Kai started practicing yoga regularly. From the first moment he stepped onto the mat, he knew yoga was his life calling. In 2010, Kai earned his 200-RYT certification and took the next steps on his journey for personal and societal evolution.

Kai’s vinyasa classes are based in breathwork and consist of an invigorating, yet restorative flow. Woven into each class, a balance of tantric philosophy and quantum theory help each yogini experience her inner heroine, leaving each uplifted.

Although he is a descendant of the Forrest Yoga tradition, Kai owes much of his wisdom to the teachings of Janet Stone, Les Levanthal, Max Strom, Stephanie Snyder, and Hareesh Wallis. Steadfastly hopeful, Kai believes a peaceful and just world is possible through yoga.