Elizabeth Walker

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Elizabeth’s inspirational instruction has been at the heart of the Bernal Yoga Pilates program from the studio’s beginnings. She believes movement is life and that every body has a healer within. In her mat classes, Elizabeth guides her students through the map of their bodies – uncovering hidden strengths, taking control of weaknesses and improving overall mobility.

Like many Pilates instructors, Elizabeth was first exposed to Pilates while rehabilitating from a dance-related injury. Through this healing experience she was inspiried to spread the word and went on to receive her formal Pilates training and certification from the Ellie Herman Studios/SF in 2001.

Her teaching is influenced by her passion for all things movement as a dancer, athlete, and dedicated yoga student. Elizabeth is the owner of Pilates Heights, a Pilates studio on Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights (San Francisco, CA).