Yoga is a Way of Unlocking the Heart Through the Body

Come by the studio on Monday nights for Tim Floreen’s 6pm Strong Vinyasa class and you might be surprised by the diversity of his students. Young, older, new to yoga and seasoned practitioners alike move through poses to one of Tim’s fantastic playlists in this all levels class. His students are given opportunities to challenge themselves with options to rest and modify as needed. They will tell you that Tim’s classes are structured around a great soundtrack. I know we’ve all experienced the way that music can connect us with a feeling from another time or place. It can speak to us in a very visceral way and calls forth strong emotions. Tim firmly believes that a great soundtrack can augment the physicality of practicing yoga and take students on a journey towards unlocking their hearts.

On Saturday, July 14th, Tim will be co-teaching a workshop on integrating yoga into your home art or writing practice. As a writer, Tim found himself developing rituals around yoga and writing, as did his fellow teacher, published author Nick Krieger. In the Yoga & Creativity workshop, Tim and Nick will lead students through movement, meditation, group discussion and writing/sketching exercises to explore how yogic practices and concepts can help artists and creatives overcome barriers to expression.

Tim believes that the physical side of yoga is a means to a greater end, a way of unlocking the heart through the body. Sure you’ll sweat and get a good workout in his classes but you’ll also laugh, be challenged and feel physically refreshed. Come join in with the community of students at one of Tim’s weekly yoga classes and experience first-hand what makes his teaching style unique.

Mondays   6:00pm - 7:15pm   Strong Vinyasa
Saturdays 9:45am - 11:15am  Vinyasa Flow


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