Carlin Quinn

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Carlin began studying yoga at the age of 18, with her primary teacher Bhavani Maki, on the Island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. Over the last 14 years Carlin has devoted herself to the holistic exploration of the 8 limbs of Astanga yoga as they are described in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Carlin received her teacher certification through the Yoga Hanalei School in 2007.

Through world travel, in depth spiritual study of many eastern and western religions, Carlin shares her deep devotion to the process and path that is Yoga. Carlin’s classes are enlivening and intense with a focus on (Iyengar influenced) alignment within traditional Vinyasa sequences. By encouraging non-judgemental awareness in the moment, Carlin’s classes aim to inspire your heart, calm your mind and relax your body.