Andrew Squier

Andrew SquierAndrew Squier began his yoga practice in 2007 while at Tufts University in Boston. He has an athletic, compassionate style that is built on his study of Ashtanga Yoga and various forms of Vinyasa Yoga. His first guru was Elliott McEldowney of O2 Yoga who taught him the importance of effort, intention, and dedication in your yoga practice. After moving to San Francisco in 2012, Andrew completed The Mindful Body Teacher Training (Class of 2013), under the guidance of Maile Sivert and Caroline Kelley. He has been teaching regularly at The Mindful Body since Fall 2013.

Andrew found yoga through a love of personal fitness, anatomy, and nutrition. After studying physical theater and dance, he spent two years in New York City as an actor and movement director. He uses his substantial knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to guide his students through asana and to give clear and supportive physical adjustments. Andrew strives to create a meditative environment that allows his students to delve deep within themselves. Learn more at and

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