Benjamin Flowers

Benjamin FlowersBenjamin Flowers first began practicing Yoga at the age of 19 in Asheville, North Carolina. His passion for the practice took him to south India where he studied the Vedas and classical Ashtanga Yoga. Since then he has been trained in Iyengar-style Yoga. He is inspired by the Iyengar family’s work with people of varying body types, injuries, and physical limitations, having dealt with a plethora of issues himself. In 2014 he graduated from The Yoga Room’s two year, 500-hour advanced studies program in Berkeley, California, under the exquisite guidance of Mary Lou Weprin and Donald Moyer, both of whom were long-time students of B.K.S. Iyengar.

In his teaching he seeks to make the asanas accessible to students through refined directions, compassionate adjustments, props, and artful sequencing. His passion for the body and the poetry of movement is evident in his unwavering dedication to the practice of Yoga and his balanced approach to teaching.

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