Mamalates Essentials for Birth + Fitness Professionals with Wendy Foster

Saturday, January 24th
Workshop Price $225 ($195 pre-pay by January 10th)

Price Includes manual, mamalates DVD and handouts


Do you work with perinatal clients? Wouldn’t you like to help guide them in a safe, effective birth recovery method as they enter into motherhood?

The mamalates OB/GYN endorsed, essential prenatal + postpartum restorative exercise method has worked for over 8 years for hundreds of women.
This birth recovery method focuses on alignment, stability, therapeutic exercise and movement within the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Expand your knowledge, increase your income and provide a much needed service.

In this workshop you will learn:

• Safe stretches and exercises for the first 6 weeks and beyond that mom can do with baby!

• About diastasis recti: how to properly assess and a basic exercise to help heal

• The importance and how to of postpartum splinting + binding.

• How to present a safe, essential, restorative exercise or stretching routine that clients can do at home or with you.

• How to use the foam roller to help your client EASILY discover their ideal alignment.

• A specific cesarean recovery exercise

• Effective imagery to help your clients re-connect with their pelvic floor.

• Easy tips for helping your moms get out of their shoulders and neck and into their core including self myofascial release.

• Other tips to share with mom including insurance reimbursement for PT + birth recovery products.

Mom and baby exercises will also be taught in this hands on movement workshop.
Come to learn the basics of the mamalates birth recovery method and leave with more knowledge, safe exercises, effective product recommendations and handouts. Add this workshop to your professional bag of tricks, become an affiliate or a licensed mamalates professional.

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